London Games Festival
London Games Summit is part of the London Games Festival, which combines key events throughout the Capital the week of 2-6 October, 2006. Events include the GDC London, the London Game Career Fair presented by, and; the London Content, Outsourcing and Middleware Market presented by Tiga; and BAFTA's British Academy Video Games Awards.

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Event Co-Presenters

ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video game industry.

Tiga is the trade association which represents the business, commercial and political interests of game developers in the UK and Europe to government, EU, publishers and financiers. Its members are both independent and in-house studios of companies producing for games consoles, PC, handheld, mobile and iTV games.

Launched in March 2001, Tiga has more than 90 member companies that collectively represent expertise from right across the industry. Tiga works to promote communication between developers and publishers and those that provide services to them. Tiga aims to benefit its members' businesses and creative interests by encouraging a better climate for investment in games, best business practice, dialogue and favourable terms with publishers and by lobbying for government support to the industry.




How do you overcome development challenges in advanced
technologies and stay at the forefront of technology innovation? IBM
Technology Collaboration Solutions can provide the expertise of IBM engineers, leading-edge technology and intellectual property in collaborative relationships to help you innovate and excel in development, delivery and differentiation of your products.  We provide essential techniques to enhance your competitive positioning, enable you to enter new markets and support creation of on demand products, services and solutions. Whether you seek new tools and techniques or desire new technology built into your product, we can help you succeed.

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NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) is the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies.

The Company creates innovative, industry-changing products for computing, consumer electronics, and mobile devices. The NVIDIA® graphics processing unit (GPU) and media and communications processor (MCP) brands include NVIDIA GeForce®, NVIDIA GoForce®, NVIDIA Quadro®, and NVIDIA nForce®. These product families are transforming visually-rich applications such as video games, film production, broadcasting, industrial design, space exploration, and medical imaging.


Reception Sponsor

Headquartered in Montreal, Invest Quebec is a business development bank with 382 employees and assets of US $4 billion. We have been granting assistance to the gaming industry since 1998. Our main program slashes 30% to 37.5% off the payroll costs of gaming companies. It has contributed US $300+ million to the development of 100+ new titles. Over the last year, Quebec game development industry grew 27% to 52 companies employing 3,800 people.

Come join the top players already established in Quebec: Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Activision, A2M, VMC, Enzyme, Babel Media, DC Studios...


Delegate Lounge Sponsor
Tudor Meeting Room Sponsor

Located at Cafe Royal, 68 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus
Tuesday, 3 October and Wednesday, 4 October

AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., is the pioneer of hardware-accelerated physics for PC games and has developed the world's first dedicated physics processor, the AGEIA PhysX™ processor.  AGEIA is changing the face of gaming by working with more than sixty leading developers and publishers to deliver the next generation of physically immersive entertainment. The company, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, is privately-held.

For more information visit


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ATI Technologies Inc. leads the world in researching and designing cutting-edge graphics and multimedia solutions capable of driving the ultimate game experience.  Innovations such as unified shader architecture, simultaneous high dynamic range and anti-aliasing, and physics promise to redefine the computer and video game experience. ATI is uniquely positioned to help developers meet their game design needs with in depth knowledge of Microsoft DirectX 10 as well as the company’s continued involvement in shaping standards for next-generation video game consoles and mobile 3D platforms. 

More information is available at

Lonsdale Meeting Room Sponsor
Located at Cafe Royal, 68 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus
Tuesday, 3 October and Wednesday, 4 October

Intel was founded over thirty years ago and introduced the first microprocessor, changing forever the way people work, learn, and communicate. Today, companies incorporate Intel® architecture-based solutions across their connected business and IT environments. Intel works with many leading vendors who supply the software, hardware and integration services that help advance state-of-the-industry solutions based on Intel architecture.

Attendees at London Games Summit will be able to hear and learn about:

  • Intel’s software enabling programs, processor roadmap and the new Intel® Core™2 Duo processor.
  • Multi-threading next generation games for even more performance and perceptible difference.
  • Cutting development time, costs and getting the most out of your games, by tuning and profiling with Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer, Intel® Thread Profilers and Intel® Compilers. or


MOTODEV, the Motorola developer network, connects developers to a wealth of Motorola platform opportunities, opening new channels for developer differentiation and revenue generation.

MOTODEV provides simple and easy online access to the technical resources developers need to create innovative, high-quality solutions for Motorola products. And through its Fast Track Center, MOTODEV members get exclusive access to programs and services designed to accelerate and maximize success in the marketplace.
Learn more about MOTODEV at

Wednesday Lunch Sponsor

Established in 1991, Epic develops cutting-edge computer and video games such as Unreal and Unreal Tournament, award-winning hits having each sold more than one million copies and the upcoming Gears of War. Epic's Unreal Engine is the 3D engine technology being chosen by many of the industry's top game developers and publishers.

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GameSpot UK delivers timely, best-in-class content that supports the
entire game-buying cycle, from awareness and consideration to trial and
purchase. Both casual and hardcore gamers on GameSpot UK are actively
searching for reviews, downloading demos, watching trailers, researching
tips, making purchasing decisions, and more. Since our audience of 2.4
million monthly unique UK users is actively involved with content at
each and every stage, marketers gain unique opportunities to influence
and inform.

Coffee Break Sponsor

S3 Graphics Co., Ltd., a VIA Technologies, Inc. joint venture company, is a leading supplier in the 3D enabled PC graphics market. S3 Graphics ships low power, high performance, commercial grade 3D graphics sub-systems to top tier notebook manufacturers. S3 Graphics has its corporate headquarters in Fremont, California.


Alternative Studios (UK) We make Games sound like Blockbuster Movies.

Based in Nottingham, we provide Game Developers with a ‘one-stop-high-end-shop’ for all things sound and music. We pride ourselves on pushing your audio quality through the roof for your entire project. From tailored music to dialogue localisation. Relax, safe in the knowledge that your outsourced sound department, with a decade’s Film and Music Industry experience, delivers a new standard, whatever the project or budget.


The Perforce Software Configuration Management (SCM) system tracks and manages the creation of source code and digital assets, providing greater accuracy, control and productivity to the game design and development process with significantly reduced administrative overhead.

Perforce is used by many leading studios as the sole asset management system for all source code, documentation, graphics, sounds and models. Product features are specifically targeted at game developers and digital artists, increasing productivity for technical and non-technical users.


Emergent Game Technologies provides comprehensive, modular game development technologies--Emergent Elements--for building, testing and managing both single-player and online games.  Emergent's Gamebryo Element, its flagship game engine, was recently used by Bethesda Softworks to create Oblivion.  The company also counts Mythic Entertainment and BioWare among its many customers.


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Logitech designs, manufactures and markets personal peripherals that enable people to effectively work, play, and communicate in the digital world. The company's products combine essential core technologies, continuing innovation, award-winning industrial design and excellent price performance.



Dallas Audio Post Group is an industry leader in audio production, specializing in technical and creative services for:

  • Gaming
  • Film & Television
  • Toys
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Communications
  • Political Campaigns

Dallas Audio Post Group has a 14 year history of successful product delivery and concept-to-finish collaborations with some of the world’s highest profile companies.  A robust production, ISDN and data management infrastructure enables direct collaboration with major production facilities around the globe.

Visit us at:                          An FM Group, LLC. Managed Company



Premier Event Partners is the largest independent web site devoted to the art and science of making games. Every day, Gamasutra offers new features about game technology and business, offers product and industry news, has a giant job board, hosts game developer resumes, offers a directory of game development contractors, hosts a product buyers guide, and more. has grown from its 1997 launch to over 220,000 members today.

Game Developer magazine is the only print publication that delivers technical how-to features, industry news, and product reviews to professional game developers. Each month the most renowned and respected developers in the industry explain the technology behind the most successful and innovative games to 35,000 readers, making this truly the publication 'by game developers, for game developers.'


Event Partners

Edge is the first choice for both passionate gamers and videogame industry professionals, delivering incisive, original and intelligent editorial, with adventurous design values. Each issue offers unrivalled
feature content, revealing interviews and trusted game reviews, alongside recruitment and studio-focus sections, making it the most respected brand in videogame magazine publishing. is Europe's leading English-language games website, attracting a large and fast-growing audience for its highly respected and in-depth editorial, which covers all aspects of videogames and gaming culture.

is the Internet’s leading independent video game publication, serving the mainstream gaming audience at and industry decision makers at GameDaily reaches the coveted demographic of consumers ages 18 to 34, with a reach of more than 4.5 million gamers each month through its flagship property and affiliated partners. The site delivers an innovative point of view on the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry.

GAME FACE is a cultural magazine from Berlin, Germany which looks at digital games as a global phenomenon. By introducing the making-of perspective of digital games in Germany GAME FACE is taking a lead in the cultural discourses around games as a new form of medium with epistemic potentials far beyond their entertainment means. is the world's leading source of business news and information for the videogames market, providing comprehensive and intelligent coverage of the sector to a worldwide audience of games industry professionals and investors.

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The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit membership organization that advocates globally on issues related to digital game creation. The IGDA's mission is to strengthen the international game development community and effect change to benefit that community.
is the leading recruitment firm in interactive entertainment, representing top clients and creative leaders in the games software and hardware industries. With offices in London, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Washington D.C. and Miami, is continually seeking and placing highly-qualified creative, executive and technical talent for clients in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Japan and Australia.